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A4 Print


Butterfly Cry Artist is offering for sale a wide range of Fine Art prints of A4 size, with a choice of nineteen images to collect. These are taken from nineteen original paintings by the Butterfly Cry artist, and come in a cellophane cover, with a thoughtful description of the artwork in the back.

The Butterfly Cry Artist has received international acclaim for his Butterfly Cry series, 13 portraits of his Mexican Heroine, the beautiful wife of Diego Rivera, which introduces a narrative of suffering becoming beauty.

Butterfly Cry Artist, Scottish artist John McDonald, is unashamed of the passion and pathos of his work. He paints, mainly portraits, with a theatrical departure from reality. The artist often sets a staged scene and creates a ‘dramatis personae’ in collaboration with his subject. Despite colour-blindness, John is a real colourist, and plays with meaning through colour bursting through, or bleeding out, of ‘monochrome’ works.

The Glasgow paintings are part of a project that is still near the beginning, but the first 5 Glasgow Paintings are offered here as A4 size fine art prints.

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