Life Of McBrian



Butterfly Cry Artist is offering for sale a wide range of Fine Art prints of A4 size, with a choice of nineteen images to collect. These are taken from nineteen original paintings by the Butterfly Cry artist, and come in a cellophane cover, with a thoughtful description of the artwork in the back.

The Butterfly Cry Artist has received international acclaim for his Butterfly Cry series, 13 portraits of his Mexican Heroine, the beautiful wife of Diego Rivera, which introduces a narrative of suffering becoming beauty.

The Glasgow paintings are part of a project that is still near the beginning, but the first 5 Glasgow Paintings are offered here as A4 size fine art prints.
Cost £7.00 each plus UK postage £3.60 or postage worldwide £5.60.

Life of McBrian
Highland Scullery
A Room With A View Without
Tiffany: A Girl of Glasgow
A Wee Sweetie

(Please note The Big Yins and A Glasgow Affair will be available to buy in this format soon).

Highland Scullery and A Room With A View Without appear with the kind permission of John Maher, former Buzzcock’s Drummer, and now a professional photographer based on the Isle of Harris.

The Outer Hebrides, the Western Isles of Scotland are a far cry from the Glasgow Tenement in which the artist was born and raised; part of the poignancy of these paintings is that, like many Glasgow children growing up in the 60s and 70s, the artist never saw, visited, or understood the vast and beautiful Highlands and Islands, which are the soul of Scotland.

John’s interest, as a socially-engaged artist, is always in the human aspect, and this is very clear in Tiffany, Life of McBrian and A Wee Sweetie.

The artist is now happy to be able to offer very affordable fine art prints of nineteen of his most popular paintings. For those who cannot purchase an original painting or hand-finished print, these A4 fine art prints are a wonderful way of collecting the work of the Butterfly Cry Artist. These prints can be mounted and framed at home, and make a nice gift.

Butterfly Cry Artist hopes that this will make his artwork accessible to many more people, and will continue to spread his story and his message. John’s work is in a socially critical tradition, and asserts that creativity has power to change both the artist and the world.

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