Looking Glass

A Portrait of my Mexican Heroine by John McDonald


This portrait of Mexico’s most-loved artist, the beautiful wife of Diego Rivera, titled Looking Glass, is an original oil painting by Scottish artist John McDonald, who created the acclaimed portrait Butterfly Cry.

This is a beautiful, gracious statement piece, a large, original painting of John McDonald’s Mexican Heroine, which will look stunning in any environment.
Looking Glass depicts the Mexican artist, the wife of Diego Rivera, in the traditional Tehuana Mexican costume she loved to wear, with red headscarf, blue under-scarf with beaded trim, sheer white lace blouse and traditional Tehuana jewellery. Here the Mexican Heroine is depicted fictitiously looking at herself in a mirror. The work is about self-awareness, self-love, and strength of spirit.

The rich colour and opulence of Looking Glass continues John McDonald’s Mexican Heroine series. He has a very literal empathy with Mexico’s most-loved artist, and the body of work as a whole explores human themes of love and loss, suffering and strength, and passion for life.

The Original painting is available.

Size 150 x 100 cm / 5 ft x 3 ft
Acrylic on Canvas

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