A Portrait of my Mexican Heroine by John McDonald
With is an original portrait of Mexico’s most-loved artist, whom he calls his Mexican Heroine, by Derbyshire based Scottish artist John McDonald.

With is a strange and haunting depiction of the Mexican artist, with whom John has a very literal empathy, and this is a key painting in John’s Butterfly Cry series. It is an attempt to portray the beauty of the Mexican Heroine, whilst unmasking the depth of her sorrows and suffering.

With is painted in Artist quality acrylics on high quality stretched cotton canvas, and comes ready to hang. Measuring 3 ft by 4 ft (91 cm x 122 cm) With is a fairly large statement piece which will make a striking focal point, and, being painted in black and white will sit comfortably in any colour scheme.

This work is the counterpart to John’s painting ‘Without’ and continues to explore human themes of love and loss, suffering and strength, and the power of creativity to convert pain into beauty.

Size 91 x 122 cm / 3 ft x 4 ft

Acrylic on Canvas

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