Butterfly Cry Artist affordable Fine Art Prints in A4 Size with Artist’s information in cellophane cover- the Mexican Heroine Series

Butterfly Cry Artist is offering for sale a wide range of Fine Art prints of A4 size, with a choice of nineteen images to collect. These are taken from nineteen original paintings by the Butterfly Cry artist, and come in a cellophane cover, with a thoughtful description of the artwork in the back.

The Butterfly Cry Artist has received international acclaim for his Butterfly Cry series, 13 portraits of his Mexican Heroine, the beautiful wife of Diego Rivera, which introduces a narrative of suffering becoming beauty. Eight of these original paintings are now offered here as affordable fine art A4 size prints.

Cost £7.00 each plus UK postage £1.10 or postage worldwide £3.60

Available images from the Mexican Heroine Series ‘Butterfly Cry’:
Butterfly Cry
Looking Glass
Dare You
Blue Trees & Butterflies
A Moment in Time

Mexico’s most-loved Artist, the Mexican Heroine, is explored as a heroine for disabled people, for feminists, for people who have suffered loss, who struggle with mental health, who cannot have a child… Butterfly Cry Artist’s empathy for his Mexican Heroine came about suddenly, when he read of her tram accident at age 18, and realised she sustained so many fractures and broken bones. This was a visceral realisation due to the artist’s own experience. And the inspiration of the Mexican Heroine is the assertion that creative action has the power to change suffering into something beautiful.

Butterfly Cry Artist, Scottish artist John McDonald, is unashamed of the passion and pathos of his work. He paints, mainly portraits, with a theatrical departure from reality. The artist often sets a staged scene and creates a ‘dramatis personae’ in collaboration with his subject. Despite colour-blindness, John is a real colourist, and plays with meaning through colour bursting through, or bleeding out, of ‘monochrome’ works.

John’s practice is primarily in large-scale painting, but he is also becoming known for his alternative curation. The artist’s background in theatre is evident in ambitious installation; he creates a fully immersive experience in how he exhibits his works.

The artist is now happy to be able to offer very affordable fine art prints of nineteen of his most popular paintings. For those who cannot purchase an original painting or hand-finished print, these A4 fine art prints are a wonderful way of collecting the work of the Butterfly Cry Artist. These prints can be mounted and framed at home, and make a nice gift.

Butterfly Cry Artist hopes that this will make his artwork accessible to many more people, and will continue to spread his story and his message. John’s work is in a socially critical tradition, and asserts that creativity has power to change both the artist and the world.

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