A Moment in Time 150 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas available for sale

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A Moment In Time

A portrait of My Mexican Heroine by John McDonald

This portrait of the beautiful wife of Diego Rivera, titled A Moment In Time, is an original oil painting by Scottish artist John McDonald, who created the acclaimed portrait Butterfly Cry.

This is a beautiful, gracious statement piece, a large, original painting of Mexico's most loved artist, which will look stunning in any environment.

The painting depicts the Mexican Artist, John's Mexican Heroine, with braided hair, striped shawl and hoop earrings, against a warm terracotta and yellow ochre background. He affectionately refers to this painting as ‘Frida Stripes’

This painting is the ninth of a series of 13 portraits of the beautiful wife of Diego Rivera by the Butterfly Cry Artist. John's inspiration and empathy with the Mexican Artist is about the power of creativity to change suffering into beauty.

When he read of the Mexican Heroine’s injuries in the tram collision she experienced as a young woman, John was moved to pure empathy and wonder, for her continued zest for life and artistic output, despite a lifetime of pain, loss and limitation. As a person who has sustained many fractures, and the loss of hearing at age 38, the artist felt an immediate visceral empathy, which was a major catalyst in his painting.

For John painting has opened up new worlds of communication, meaning and joy for life.




Please note the original painting is available to purchase through this website, or you may contact the artist direct if you wish to discuss making an offer.

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A Moment in Time 150 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas available for sale

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